The Art Palace

“Welcome to the Artist Palace,” called out Gwen Garth, the founder and director of the gallery. Her voice startled the newcomer who began to sashay to the music upon entering. Gwen laughed and assured the woman that it is her desire for people to feel free to share any and all of their talents. “That’s why musical notes are painted on the floor so everyone who comes in can walk in harmony,” Gwen said.

The gallery is a place to mix it up. All types of people and all art forms play together here. Authors, poets, singers, dancers, philosophers, designers, you name it! Everyday art fills the air in different ways. One day you will hear Reverend Denise Cunningham Doggett sing gospel and play saxophone while being accompanied by Miles Davis blowing his horn on the painted canvas behind her. On another day you’ll hear a sewing machine keeping a steady beat as seamstress Kim Wren sings and creates new fashions for sale in the gallery. It is an arts incubator, a gallery, and a performance place for community gatherings where rich dialogues about social change, community development, and racial equity are spoken by a diverse group of people who walk in and are inspired to share their voice.

The Warden from the Correctional Facility bring men to visit while they are still incarcerated so once they are released they will feel comfortable returning to the gallery for support and to participate in all that it has to offer. The Art Palace inspires people to unleash their creative spirits.. It’s aspirational space to share your dreams and experiment with ways to become your beter self.