The Art Palace

Cosmic Bobbins

Un-tapped Potential
Theater Group

Janie's Home

Go and Grow Micro-Loan

Go and Grow Micro-Loan

Mansfield Frazer's Bio-Cellar

Harmony Park

Central Promise Talent Show

Barbara Anderson's Free Store

The Gate at
Gather 'round Farm

Rid-All Green Partnership (RAGP)

Building Fences
and Connections

Vicky Trotter's
Young Entrepreneurs
for Global Change

Moma Crockett's Home

The Green Light
Puppet Theatre

Pete's Place

Positive Plus

Bizarre Connections

Quincy Community Garden

Urban Excellence

Orchard on East 61st Street
Work Training Stipends
Stipends for
Tutors and Mentors

Art Class at Community
Based Correctional Facility