What Can You Give?

Give time:
Choose a project that interests you and share your energy, knowledge and expertise. Roll up your sleeves and have fun.

Give away:
Tools, supplies, or equipment in good condition that you no longer want, but we do. Call us to find out who needs what.

Give money:
We said that we don’t want your money but that isn’t exactly true. We actually welcome your contribution. But a little bit goes a long way.

We take an approach that is different from the traditional charity model. When you make a contribution to an Inner Visions project you are making an investment in a person with a compelling vision. You won’t get any dividends but we believe your life will be enriched as you see their projects flourish.

You can choose exactly which project will receive your contribution. We guarantee that 100% will go directly to the project you request. We distribute the funds by making direct payment for supplies and services or by purchasing gift cards. We only support projects led by Cleveland and East Cleveland residents with whom we establish ongoing connections. We follow projects from inception to completion and beyond. We do not accept unsolicited requests for support.

We are a not-for-profit organization but we have opted not to seek tax-exempt 501©3 status. Our goal is to collaborate with existing nonprofits rather than compete with them for government grants, Family Trusts or foundation money. We help people obtain funding for their projects especially when the project is too small to qualify for traditional grants. We’ve cut down the paperwork, eliminated the wait time, and ended the struggle to fit into prescribed grant models, so the people who are doing things can just get them done.

100% of of all financial contributions benefit project outcomes but are not tax exempt. All of our administrative overhead is paid through a separate account supported by an anonymous donor.

Share in the excitement of this whole new way of supporting grassroots projects.