Cosmic Bobbins

If you haven't met Sharie Renee, you need to. And if you haven't been to her store - Go! Cosmic Bobbins will ignite your imagination. Share Renee is a third-generation entrepreneur. Business start-up is in her DNA. She began Cosmic Bobbins at Shaker Square as a Pop-Up shop. It was so successful patrons begged her to make it permanent. Walking into her store you are greeted like a friend. It's hard to decide where to focus; all the intriguing merchandize competes for your attention. Things look vaguely familiar yet unique. With curiosity you look closer and realize that what once was discarded has been found and morphed into something new. Example: gum wrappers turned into purses. There are also handmade fashion accessories and items for the home, adorable children's clothing and embroidered blue jeans. The words: “Got to have it” comes to mind.

So the store is fabulous but that’s not all. Share Renee has a gift for working with youth. In the lower level there is a workshop where she provides youth entrepreneur training. In this business incubator she activates teens’ creative juices and teaches them her trade. She pulls out each of their unique talents and shows them how to sell their work and run a business. Her students make items to sell, produce marketing videos, create websites and learn the "art" of customer service. Youth who have been trained by Sharie will never have to be unemployed because they have been taught how to create their own jobs.