Go and Grow Micro Loan – Ilinda Reese

Ilinda Reese is a community activist, a motivational speaker and an author. She is also a recipient of a Grow and Go Micro Loan made possible by a partnership of Inner Visions and a woman’s support group called Positive Plus.

Ms. Reese is writing a book entitled: Don’t Talk: Speak. She needed help paying for editing of the book to be expedited to assure that it could be completed in time for a scheduled book launch event.

Ms. Reese raised $300 and was given a $300 investment from Inner Visions and a micro-loan from Positive Plus. She chose two fellow Positive Plus members to be her cheerleaders who will support her as she completes the book and pays of the loan. Each of her supporters will be eligible for a Grow and Go Loan and investment once Ms. Reese pays off her loan.