Janie's Home

The first family has moved into the safety and comfort of Janie’s Home, a sanctuary for victims of abuse and their children, thanks to Marvin and Albertonia Roach and her mother Barbara Anderson. They obtained the house from the city and together they rehabbed the home in honor of Janie; Ms. Anderson’s deceased sister who had been in an abusive relationship before dying of cancer. Now a family of three are able to piece their lives back together through the support they are receiving in a peaceful loving environment.

Inner Visions of Cleveland and Another Chance of Ohio worked together to secure the resources they needed to make the repairs and to secure supplies and equipment for the family. In addition we did a presentation to a giving circle called 100 Plus Women Who Care and received over 11,000 to complete the project.    

Ms. Roach and a host of volunteers are providing the support services for the family. The new resident beams as she speaks about the peace of mind she feels and the pride she has in the job she obtained. It is on the bus line and fits around her children’s school schedule. Once she and her family have addressed the array of issues brought on by the abuse, the family will be transitioned into independent housing and another family will move into Janie’s home.