Friend-Making for Grassroots Investing
Hear about the experiences that resulted in Jan’s award winning book, Inner Visions: Stories of Truth & Hope, and about Jan’s “friends first” approach to resourcing grassroots possibilities.

A play that puts Cleveland's innercity activists in the spotlight
by Margaret Bernstein, The Plain Dealer

Sharing Social Work’s Good News—Focus on Inner Visions of Cleveland
NASW - National Association of Social Workers (July-August 2012)

May 21, 2012 Interview on 'The Sound of Ideas' from

Jan Thrope of Shaker Heights pens book of stories of truth, hope
by Sali McSherry, Currents

Inner Visions and the Power of One
by Janis Foster

The 'Good News Tour' helps erase stereotypes between suburbanites, city residents
by Margaret Bernstein, The Plain Dealer

The Business of Good Foundation: November 2011 Book of the Month

July 12, 2011 Interview on 'Around Noon' from
Interview with Jan Thrope begins at the 19:25 mark