Positive Plus

Positive Plus is inspirational, motivational, self-help and esteem building organization geared toward the holistic reconstruction of lives touched by tragedy.  Positive Plus helps individuals to realize their God given abilities so they can rediscover themselves and become whole again through a series of workshops designed to help the women recapture forgotten dreams and establish new visions.

Yvonne Pointer formed Positive Plus in 1985 after her daughter was raped and murdered. This event made Yvonne aware of the many children whose lives have been destroyed within their own communities. Yvonne sought help from her peers in resolving this issue. Yet, she found that many of her peers also had endured tragedy, and were in need of motivation and inspiration themselves. The group operates on the belief that the way to heal after unspeakable pain is through serving others. Group members support one another and then they provide support to others in the community who have been victims of tragedy. They raise money, and awareness and provide on-going emotional support to community members who are victims of violence, abuse, fire, homelessness etc.