Urban Excellence

Teens in the Glenville neighborhood meet each Saturday morning in the space next to Trotter’s Cleaners. They are writing a community newspaper and radio broadcast to showcase the “good news” that is happening in the neighborhoods.

They are being mentored on how to interview and write stories, photograph and write captions, set up newspaper layout, solicit adds and how to do sales, marketing and distribution of the paper. In addition they will be trained on how to host live radio broadcasts where they will feature good news stories.

A few of the youth (not pictured above) got involved after they vandalized some cars. Vicky Trotter discovered who they were and spoke to their parents. She told them she would not report them to the police if the teens came to the Urban Excellence training. The teens were so excited to get involved they actually invited some of their friends to come along.  They have been not missed a meeting and are enthusiastic about the skills they are learning.