Small Bucks for Big Change
Money is worthless unless spread
around to encourage things to grow.

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This talk was given by Jan Thrope at a local
TEDx event at Cleveland State University.

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Giving Circle
A Giving Circle is one way Inner
Visions can help raise money for
community improvement projects
that are being led by residents
of Cleveland or East Cleveland.
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2013 Nautilus Book Award - Silver Medal

2013 National Indie Excellence Award

Traveling Photo Exhibit
Sights that Hurt and Visions that Heal

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Residents Take the Stage
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Join us for a Good News Tour! Meet visionary residents who are leading projects that are improving their neighborhoods.

Who We Are

Inner Visions of Cleveland is a whole new kind of hands-on non-profit organization dedicated to supporting neighborhood community improvement projects conceived, initiated, and driven by the residents of Cleveland and East Cleveland.

How We Are Different
We don’t want your money. Well, maybe just a little bit of it. We would rather have ten people give $100 than a single $1,000 contribution. Why? Because we would rather have ten people involved with a project instead of just one. That’s ten people working towards a shared goal -- accepting and supporting their neighbors’ visions for a better Cleveland. You can see why one of our mottos is Small Bucks Bring Big Change.

How We Do It
Our role isn’t just to connect people from both ends of the economic spectrum. We actively seek out residents with both simple and complex project ideas that will help to build better neighborhoods.

We meet them at community events, through referrals, word-of-mouth, and partnering with other non-profit organizations and other leadership groups. We even read about people in the newspaper and then seek them out.

We assist them with strategic planning and connections to resources. We maintain contact with residents from the beginning of their projects to completion and beyond. We are always working and learning together.

We also offer support for the projects in the same ways that friends support one another. For example, we hosted a housewarming shower for a grassroots group rehabbing and furnishing a home for abused women. The group filled out gift registries at area stores and people who wanted to contribute could choose a gift from the registry and bring it to the party!

More of What We Do
We host book events for the book Inner Visions: Grassroots Stories of Truth and Hope by Jan Thrope, (Orange Frazer Press), First Place Non-Fiction Winner of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. The book is a photojournalistic introduction to Cleveland area residents and their projects. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the residents themselves as they share their projects with the audience. 100% of the proceeds of the book are used to fund community development projects led by residents.

We also sponsor Good News Tours that take you to actual project sites to meet the residents and experience their projects firsthand. Call 216 965-4721 to get information on the next tour.

What You Can Do
Want to learn more? Call Jan Thrope at 216.965.4721 or .

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Inner Visions of Cleveland asset
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2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
– Grand Prize Winner
– First Place Non-Fiction and Winner of
   Current Events/Social Change category.
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